As a young teen I found myself asking how vintage pin-up photography was processed. Spending free time on photoshop growing up I had an interest in editing photographs; it was alluring to imagine in retrospect that a photograph was a true depiction and now you don’t know what is real vs. what’s an illusion thanks to photo treating software.

When I first became a fan of pin-up, I thought what every girl thinks at least once, “I’d love to see how I’d look in a photo like this.” I eventually accomplished the pin-up editing style when I realized, “Wow, this looks unrealistic” (in a bad way.) So now I enjoy opening a photograph Robert has shot and giving it appropriated after effects (whether its pin-up style or mainstream glamour), while staying true to the model. I’m a firm believer in that, through us, every girl can have that pin-up version of herself and remind her that her past self-doubt is false. Since I’m a girl, attacked with the same insecurity-inducers everyday, I edit women as if I’m editing myself, meaning I treat their pictures how I’d want my best one to look. Have fun with it, Ladies. My best advice is to exude confidence and Point your toes!

Jenna B.



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